Sandra OeiIn 1994 Sandra Oei created SoVisual, a multi-media design studio originally located in New York City (for over 14 years) and now operating out of Atlanta, GA.

Ms. Oei has extensive experience in the fields of internet / web technologies, television, music recording, advertising and graphic design. As a Multi-media Producer / Interactive Media Designer, Ms. Oei has found a way to uniquely combine her experience by integrating each discipline to fulfill each project’s requirements.

Within SoVisual, Ms. Oei continues her commercial work in digital graphics and web design, while collaborating internationally with many talented programmers, designers, animators and videographers.

Starting 2013, SoVisual's latest projects include Game/App Graphic Illustrations, and E-Book development and design.


To successfully integrate Sovisual's creative, highly artistic graphic design with the newly emerging digital technologies, SoVisual has contracted Eastern European tech team to assist in developing highly powerful and sucessfull back-end programming solutions.

Under the direction of Dan Masca, REEA is a highly talented group of back-end programmers, 2D + 3D animators, and online video / audio specialists.

We feel with the combined talents and creative staffing of SoVisual and REEA, we have a stellar team with the abilities to produce a full range of digital technologies for online, mobile and print.

We listen. We process. We produce.

Contact us at: 404.254.3394 or
Oei (pronounced Oh-ee)




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